FLECK 5810 MAXSOFT is here.

  •  best in class flow rates of up to 36 gallons per minute..!!
  • fully programmable control and efficient regeneration cycles
  • tested hydraulically balanced piston assembly for durability
  • can accommodate softener sizes from 48 to 100,000 grain
  • MaxSoft 60 resin, virtually indestructible by chlorine and other VOCs
  • removes iron to 2.5 ppm 
  • uses 30% less salt than conventional water softeners
  • 24v power supply with built in surge protection
  • comes standard with a washable condensation jacket…very spiffy.
  • the Fleck 5810 XTR2 Touch-Screen is setting the standard for smart water softeners
  • Blue Tooth and WIFI ready it will send messages to your phone to refill salt, let you know if surge protector has been initiated and tell you if service is required.  

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Debit card’s will soon be accepted for our customer’s convenience.

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email: mike@home-soft.ca 

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