Water Quality

  •  water can range from 12 grains hard in KW to 110 grains hard in Plattsville.
  • water softeners protect your home and investments by inhibiting scale
  • water softeners are not filters for your water they only reduce hardness and do not filter chlorine, bacteria, iron or parasites
  • over time chlorine will break down water softener resin and greatly reduce its efficiency, it can actually swell the resin beads, break the internal filter and introduce resin into the plumbing. Good resin is a necessity in your softener.
  • water softeners prevent scale build up on and in appliances and fixtures
  • soft water is great for your skin, folks with skin conditions can get comfortable relief if your water softener is in proper working order
  • when doing laundry, dishes or showering only use half soap measure, any more is a waste
  • a water softener is a home appliance..it must be properly maintained and cleaned to be effective and efficient
  • do not use dirty salt and do not let your softener run for any length of time without salt.
  • beware of cheaply made water softeners.  They are expensive to install, have no warranty other than factory, in which you have to remove the softener and return it to the place of purchase which is very labor intensive and costly. Full water softeners are extremely heavy, please be careful.

Regional Municipality of Waterloo Water Quality url link.

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