Pentair Fresh-Point 4 Stage Reverse Osmosis, drinking water at its very best.

North American made and best overall value.



GRO-475B & GRO-475M (4-stage)

The Pentair 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Systems is hands down our best seller for drinking water. Makes  perfect water for cooking, drinking, tea and coffee.  All systems are NSF certified, easily maintained with do-it-yourself quick change filters, and represent industry leading economy with 1-1 loss ratio.  

  • High efficiency GRO 75 GPD membrane technology
  • Effortless click-in lock cartridge installation
  • 3/8″ push fit plumbing connection for easy installation and high flow
  • Water supply valve shut off fits multiple piping styles
  • Color coded cartridges to maintain proper filter sequence
  • Lead and chemical reduction cartridge
  • 3/8″ tubing to storage tank and faucet
  • Built-in check valve with multi-point backflow protection
  • Utilizes the dual technology of the DFX Diamond Flow Series, combining a sediment and carbon block in one cartridge
  • Faucet with air gap included
  • On board TDS monitor measures rejection of GRO element within the GRO-475M mod

The 4 Post FreshPoint QC Reverse Osmosis System is an effective purification system for your drinking water and fridge ice maker.  The quick connect filters make changes easy, convenient and cost effective.  No heavy water bottles or cases  to carry and store, the tap is installed at your kitchen sink and at hand..anytime.  Coupled with a water softener this RO system will give you many years of pure drinking water and toss those water bottles for good.

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