Max-Soft Water Softener and Conditioner for the toughest water conditions…bring it.

  • Max-Soft Water Softener and Conditioner, industry leading performance water conditioner for harsh water conditions, large volume usage with outstanding mineral and iron removal capabilities.
  • unmatched durability, indestructible Purolite SST 60 resin and distribution media
  • conditions for softness and iron removal to 5ppm and is highly resistant to chlorine/chloramine degradation
  • Hydrotech 89 Digital high flow valve to 35gpm, can be programmed for up-flow or downflow capability, has full digital display
  • can be sized 32000 to 120,000 grains capacity, perfect for high hardness and iron, or water high water volumes in larger homes including duplex and tri-plex
  • uses 50% less salt than any comparable water softener/conditioner
  • come in 2 colors, black and vanilla
  • comes with a black condensation jacket
MaxSoft Water Water Softener-Conditioner c/w Hydrotech 89 Valve and Purolite SST 60 resin
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